Blackman Legal



I wanted to thank you very much for seamlessly handling our property purchase. It all went incredibly smooth, and we greatly appreciate it.

It was a pleasure dealing with Blackman Legal. We will be in touch next time we buy a property!


I did not expect such a great result and can not thank you and Belinda enough for all the work and effort that went into achieving such a result.


Thank you very much for your assistance and legal knowledge.

Although we were confronted with several roadblocks everything has worked out well. 

Again many thanks for your assistance.


Thank you for helping with both the sale and purchase of property.

You are wonderful and I really appreciate what you’ve been able to do to help .


I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for your help.

The result was what my family needed to move on and focus on other things. It would not have been possible without you all.

At all times you have shown a genuine concern for our situation and welfare. 


Hi Alan and Rosina

Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication and for helping me recover my child.


I can't thank you enough Alan for taking on this matter. You are a blessing to me and you have made me feel safe and relaxed.



Thank you for all of your work.

You have been such a wonderful help and I feel so lucky to be being represented by you in this matter.


It was obvious from the Judges comments how respected you are.


I appreciate everything that you are doing for me.


Thank you. I continue to be so grateful for your guidance and support.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your help so far in my case, especially Belinda, she has been fantastic.


I want to thank you for being in my corner all this time - it's made all the difference in the world to us - and we couldn't have done it without your help


Mr Alan Blumberg and his team have been absolutely wonderful and their assistance, especially that of Alan, is outstanding.

From our first meeting he was kind, understanding, very supportive, crystal clear is his instruction and a wealth of legal knowledge to assist me with my situation. I knew, within the first 5 minutes of meeting with him, that he was indeed the lawyer for me.



Thank you for your guidance, it has been great.


Nicole did a superb job for us on our sale and purchase.


Thanks again for your great advice and service.


Thanks for the wonderful job Nicole did for us assisting with the sale of our property.

Nicole was a pleasure to deal with and was clearly on top of everything at all times.


Belinda did a great job in getting my requests granted.


I am so grateful for the legal protection that you and your team provided me...

You acted on my behalf with great wisdom and professionalism. You provided me with a sense of safety and security at times when I have been very vulnerable.  I have a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that it was conducted with dignity and integrity.

Your commitment and availability to your clients is honourable.

Thank you so much for all that you did for me.


Thank you for all the good work leading to a positive outcome finally, what can I say but love your work!

Again, I thank you for getting this matter settled for me.


Thanks once again for all you have done. It is not just me that is appreciative but my family as well. 


Thank you for years of excellent service.


I have appreciated all the legal support and advice that you and your team have provided me with over this last few years and the care in which it has been delivered.

I have felt very safe.


Your help and support during this year has been invaluable. Thank you immensely. 


I am still and always will be so grateful for what you all did for me.


We are also both very pleased with the result you achieved for us today. Very well done.


I very much appreciate all that you are doing to try and resolve my settlement.

Thank you.


We are grateful for all you and Amanda and your team are doing.


Thank you for your warmth and support during such a difficult time for our family. Our meeting yesterday was very good as your reassurance to her that all is well and nothing is particularly time sensitive was good for her to hear from you.

Much thanks for all your help and advice.


Overall we are all very happy and we would like to thank you for all your efforts. 


Thanks so much for all you have achieved for me.  

A good outcome!  


Thank you both for all you are doing for me, I really do appreciate your help and kindness towards me.


Thank you for your support and direction today. I was grateful of your warmth and hospitality, which helped me maintain my composure on a such a difficult occasion.


I have been very happy with Belinda and your efforts on my behalf.


Thank you for everything, I feel very grateful my friend recommended you.

I will highly recommend you to others if needed.


Thank you for EVERYTHING - I can never thank you enough...


Thanks so much, and I am very pleased we have managed to keep it amicable.


You have been so fantastic here, thank you so very much

Thank you so much again, we can’t thank you enough.


I have really appreciated your service, help & wisdom.



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Blackman Legal was rated 5/5, well done!
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Thanks Alan - you were wonderful. Just what she needed. She had to know what her position is and what she can do. Thank you so much for the help. Seeing you was a huge step for her.


I see this result as a step forward towards what I believe is best for Frank in the long term… I’m sure we will see each other again.

Thank you for all the support you and your team have given me so far as I couldn’t have come so far without you guys.


Words are difficult to find to express my relief and gratitude for the guidance and help you have provided for Teresa.

Thank you once again, 


Thanks Alan - I trust you implicitly so am fine with whatever you decide. Letter looks good to me.


Thanks Alan and thank you also for all the support given by you and your team to Tanya and I.

I'm happy with the results even though I believe this is not the end...................


Morning Victoria,

That's great news. I can't express enough gratitude toward Alan and yourself for getting me back on track.

I didn't realise how much I had lost my way due to years of constant abuse from my ex.

You guys have been amazing from Day 1.

Thanks again.


Dear Alan, Amanda and Victoria,

Thank you all for such a lovely night. I really do feel like life is going to be ok, made possible by all of you.


I appreciate all that you have done to help us reach this outcome and wish you and the practice well.


Hi Alan,

So nice to see you again and can't thank you enough

Lots of love and gratitude 


From my side, I have done a lot of reflecting, lamenting and even regretting the things that happened during our breakup. Unfortunately I was powerless to protect my children from the pain they were going to endure. I was also powerless to save the marriage because I was too focused on the anger inside me ......... the anger at the person I placed so much faith in for over 20 years, only to be so completely deceived by her.

However, I was extremely fortunate to have met you, and have the benefit of your calmness and guidance throughout. You kept me from allowing the anger to take control, and ensured we made calm, rational decisions at every stage.

Life is good at the moment. The children seem to be flourishing, they are overall, doing quite well. They are strengthening the bonds between them and the extended family, and are starting to mature into young adults.


Thank you so much Amanda.

I so much appreciate how much you have done for us.

Hope you have a very enjoyable break.


Quick to respond and were able to meet me within 24 hours of my initial request. Although early days as a client experience to date has been very professional and very quick to respond.


Belinda has been fantastic and has been across everything in this matter.  I love your firm!  You guys are great.


Hi Alan,

You are far too kind and generous. You and Victoria certainly aren't the stereotypical lawyers - I tell people I love you both and they look at me like I've lost my mind!

It's incredibly generous of you to offer dinner but I feel embarrassed that you have already sacrificed fees to get me and my children through a very difficult time and I'm sure both of your personal time is precious without having to spend it on your clients.

Having said that you two have quintessentially been my rocks and given me the strength to fight the fight.

Maybe a celebratory drink? My shout!


Dear Alan and Nicole,

Once again, thanks so much for acting so hastily with this today.

I was thinking just before how lucky I am to have met Alan almost 12 months back and to have him act on my behalf in my recent case. I could have been in a very different place if not for your experience and guidance.

Nicole has been very attentive to both Peter and I today and we sincerely appreciate both your efforts.


Hi Victoria and Alan,

I am not worried. Things will go fine.

I have the best two family lawyers in Sydney working for me.


Alan, I really appreciate your help to get this done so quickly and smoothly.


Thanks Alan, you have been such an important, major part of my journey to my new beginning. I can't thank you enough :)


Alan, I just wanted to thank you and Victoria so very much for all your help and guidance with my case. I can’t believe the amount of relief I feel due to this all being over.

As you are aware my kids were first and foremost on my agenda and I am extremely happy with how this turned out. Their educational and financial future is in great shape.

Last Friday’s financial settlement also played out very well and I was extremely confident having someone of your caliber in my corner.


I felt like the weight of the world was off my shoulders last night – thank you both sooo much!


I still cannot believe it is over!

Thank you so many times over.

Now I can finally put this behind me and move forward.

Alan you have been a fantastic support as we as an excellent solicitor.


I was delighted with the work and the service provided by you and Victoria.


Thank you very much Alan. You are a wonderful person. You are not too bad either Victoria!


Alan thank you once again for all your help. I am so very grateful. I know you did not have to do that and that it was done out of good will, I am truly grateful. You are a good person


I was  delighted with the work and the service provided by you and Victoria.


I wanted to let you know how well Victoria represented me.  She was extremely professional caring and very logical.

I am so very pleased that with both your help and Victoria's help we FINALLY achieved a result.
I walked away with a great weight lifted and I feel that I can breathe a little again knowing I am one step closer to have the littlest contact with my ex.

I am so very content with the outcome and relived what we accomplished, I can not thank you enough.
I truly am great full for your advice, time and patience.

Thank you for the level of care you both have given me when I'm sure it's draining to hear my problems.
Thank you a trillion times over.

Victoria is a great asset to your company and a true reflection of what your company's name stands for.

You should be proud because she carried the company name with great pride.


Well, your Tina was so on the ball she sorted out the contract race swiftly with professionalism and aplomb. Just a quick note to sing her praises to you. She is a keeper Allan, look after her.

Many thanks.


Thank you Alan, Nicole is very efficient and gracious was lovely talking to her, she explained everything perfectly

Alan Blackman

I am pleased to announce that I have recently qualified as a Nationally Accredited Mediator. Given the pressure on the Courts and the enormous stress and expense of litigation I believe that mediation is a very sensible approach for parties to follow in many cases. I am now available to mediate disputes about family law property settlements, workplace or neighborhood disputes and in estate matters. I look forward to using my mediation skills to attempt to resolve disputes to avoid litigation wherever possible


I cannot thank you enough for all you efforts over the past 6 months and today is no exception. I feel very confident with you and your team by my side in this very ugly chapter in my life.


Separately, had a chat with John! What a coincidence. He says you've been a life saver these past 2 years.



So again, thankyou Alan, and Belinda, for giving me sage advice, and for convincing me to use common sense and patience to get through this little hurdle.

Thank you again.


Thanks again for your support, help and advice.


Thank you so much for all that you did Alan. It has been just an awful time, and your support and patience meant the world to me…


Thank you Tina. You and the team at Blackman have been fantastic and we’ll definitely recommend to our friends and family!


Hi Alan and Victoria,

There are insufficient words to express my sincere gratitude for the work you have both done on my behalf to arrive at the successful outcome achieved yesterday. I’m not really sure how you do this work!


Thank you for the wonderful service we have received from you and Amanda over the years. Best wishes for the holidays and 2016!

Kind regards,



Hi Alan,

Thanks again for all your help and support this year and last year. I'm very very grateful to have had you as my lawyer.

Ashley and Eve have settled in well to their new school and are enjoying their beautiful home now. And I'm definitely feeling much happier now too.

Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and all the very best for 2016.




Awesome stuff thankyou





Thanks again for all your professional assistance in these complex affairs. It was certainly beyond my capacity to manage expeditiously or competently.



Thank you to Alan and Tina for all your assistance during my sale, it was a pleasure to deal with the two of you. You were very professional, thanks again



Hi Alan

Thanks for seeing me today, and thanks to Amanda too. I really appreciate all your time and effort, talking to you makes me feel a lot better about everything.



Dear Alan,

Thank you very much for your time this morning.

I am happy with you being my lawyer for property settlement.

I had a feeling that you will look after me in this difficult time of my life, work for me to claim under what the law sees that I deserve.

When Ada introduced you as her lawyer to me here in shelter, she told me how caring and brilliant you are. You are a good lawyer with a big heart, that was what Ada told me.

I will instruct you to act on my behalf as I have a good feeling that you will be with me for this uneasy journey.


Hi Alan

Many thanks for meeting with me and giving me so much of your time. I really appreciate your input.

Thanks re my will etc - will wait to hear back from you once it is ready.

Thanks again and best regards,



I will do thanks 

You are a legend
Have a great weekend



I greatly appreciate all your doing and know all this emailing is a great strain on your time. Please keep me up to date with any financials that need to be settled. I am very grateful you are on my side. I could not deal with this otherwise Thank you


You are a legend and so efficient..



Again can thank you and your team enough.. Absolute pleasure to meet you thank you for your time..


Hi Alan,

Thanks for a job well done and thanks also for doing it in a most obliging, thoughtful, caring and hassle free manner (I would call it “a nice manner” but it’s bit too non specific for me).

Kind regards



Hi Alan

I do appreciate what you did and so quickly. You are a great lawyer!

Many thanks


Thanks Alan

Thank you ever so much for your help and support over the years. Fingers crossed that I don’t need to go back to court…




Thanks again to you, Amanda and your team for the diligent and caring manner in which you have handled Dad's probate affairs.   


Alan I would recommend you to anyone

I know you have gone above and beyond for Cecilia

and I and I am very grateful

Thank you 


Hello Alan,

I would like to thank you, yet again, for all of the work that you and Tina have carried out on our behalf. I am more than satisfied with the outcome. If I ever need any future legal work, I will come knocking on your door. I am still very grateful for the fact that I dropped in on impulse one Saturday morning several weeks ago, without an appointment, and you saw me.

With kindest regards,



So glad you and Alan were able to visit us yesterday. It was a pleasure.

Thank you once again for handling this matter for us. We really did appreciate the personal and professional service.


Alan I would like to thank you very much for the efficient way in which you carried out this work. The family will not now run into the problems which we encountered through not having an updated will and power of attorney for my wife.


Thanks Alan, Victoria for all you've done for me you are both legends, happy with outcome. Still coping shit of her but life's getting better. I'll put money in when I here from you. Thanks again I owe you a beer or two.


Hi Alan,

Just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your work and the manner in which you supported both of us through the process. I hoped it would be as easy as possible for us and I know we both wanted to defy mass consciousness that says these matters are hard and heartless. You have completely exceeded my expectations and paved the way for both of us to move forward in life, to be able to work together and look after our precious children as two people who want the best for them 100%.

I cannot thank you enough.




Thank you, Amanda.

Once again, a very professional job well executed. We are most appreciative.


Awesome Alan.

I so appreciate your efforts. Hopefully all will be all done soon. 


Hi Alan 

Thanks for your help and guidance today. It made a hard day easier. 


HI Alan

Once again for your help in this matter.

I am happy with the outcome.

You have done well!


Hi Tina

Thank you for your efficiency with those amendments & your eagle eye to detail.

Kind Regards



I am feeling so much better - thank you :)

I hope you were successful with the battles you had last week. You should never underestimate the good you are doing for people, presenting their side – standing up for them and stating their case - and helping them get through their tough times. I know I appreciate your support, knowledge, and care. I’m sure many others do too.

I hope this week treats you a bit more kindly.



Hi Amanda

Thank you for your professional assistance this afternoon and the congenial way in which you conducted the meeting. We look forward to having you visit us shortly in Galston for morning or afternoon tea at a date to be determined - please bring some shoes/boots for strolling around the property.


Hi Alan

Thanks for a most impressive letter.

Also , the letter is potentially so powerful that I feel it may cause Joe to overreact and he may go looking for facts to support what I allege are his transgressions.

My thought triggered by the powerful logic in your letter, is this; ……………




I do appreciate the support that I have been receiving from yourself and your entire legal practice.

In particular, Belinda’s professionalism, helpfulness and human touch have been of the highest quality and extremely important to me.

I think you should give her a pay rise – kidding



This is greatly appreciated. Your genuine concern has been obvious from the start and I feel lucky to have you helping me through this. 



Great service.

There is no doubt I will have a substantial need for your assistance in the near future.


I would like to thank you for the work you have been doing for us. You are certainly a man of very prompt and effective action.

You may be pleased to learn that your organization will be at the head of the list of my recommendations.

With kind regards,



It's good to be working with you again :)



Dear Alan,

I am very grateful to you for the work you did for us this morning, particularly as it was at such short notice. I hope to see you again soon in regard to my power of attorney, and, I hope, the conveyancing. You have earned it.

With kindest regards,



Thanks Alan – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help…


Hi Alan,

A very quick email to say a HUGE thank you for your assistance last week in staving off the threats from my partner. By Friday afternoon it looked as if he was not going through with it but of course it was settlement on Monday that made it feel final.

It was incredibly stressful (again) on so many fronts tho a relief now…..and hoping it is all behind me. Thank you also for your efforts over the last year or two……phew…..time now for some calm.



Hello Alan,

Just a short note to let you know that I really appreciate the work that both you and Victoria have done on my case so far. A shame that legal aid was rejected but once again thank you for your considerate invoicing. 

Kind regards,


Dear Alan,

Thank you so much for your professional advice and support through such a difficult time in my life!


Hi Alan

Just wanted to again thank you for your support and guidance and expertise in dealing with my smart alec opposition but me when I spiralled out of control.

This part of the journey is done and it is governed by choices. All for a reason I think if it doesn't kill you in the process!

Fiji on Saturday BECAUSE I CAN !!!

Again thank you and I stand by my word

Wasn't it dinner in the "Shire"!!! I would love to have you and your wife over this way after I come shout!

Best wishes


Sent from my iPhone


Hi Alan,

By random twists of fate James referred me to you. I believe it all happens for a reason but I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me. It's been one hell of a 19 months but it's nearly over.

I will never forget you Alan or the support and strength you gave me, your common sense advice when I spiralled out of control. life changes for the better.

Again, thank you


Well done to you Alan - Working with you is very reassuring


Hi Alan,

Thank you for your support yesterday.

It is really good to be supported by such a great legal team of yours..!!



Hi Alan & Victoria

Thank you for you efforts, advice and always being available at short notice.


Thank you for today.

Your support and commitment to a fair resolution is one I've always admired. Thank you again


I just wanted to thank you again for your time this afternoon/evening - I really appreciate it. It was very kind of you to put me out of my anxious state and let me know what had happened - and then to look at what would be a suitable response. Thank you again Alan


Thanks so much for your time yesterday Alan, I know I’m in good hands and I appreciate all your input.


Hi Alan,

Thank you for your support.

Belinda is really doing a great job and her help and support is invaluable.



That is awesome. Couldn't be more timely and appreciated can't than you enough.

Thank u so so much 


Alan, Thanks again for everything.

You and Margaret were a great comfort and help.

My sister Jennifer and I are looking forward to putting this unpleasantness behind us.

Many thanks again.


Thanks again for everything today Alan – I really appreciate what you are doing :)



Thank you. This has been a wonderful collaboration.



You're my favourite lawyer.


Hi Alan,

Once again, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU, to you, Angela and Victoria for your patience and empathy in assisting me with what was a very difficult and challenging situation in my life.

I was going through my emails the other day and I realised that I first touched base with you in June 2014 about this financial settlement.
It certainly has been a long, drawn out and challenging process.

Your empathy, care, professionalism and wisdom helped me navigate issues and challenges that were uncomfortable and confronting.

I am very grateful.

I wish you and your team happiness and success in the future.

Kind regards and sincere thanks



Thanks again for your availability both by email & meetings ( which is a rare commodity these days ) and the manor in which you handled yesterday.


Dear Alan,

What a transformation my life has taken from this time last year!!! Thank you for being a big part of getting me to this place!!!



Thanks so much. You're a marvel !



Once again thank u so much for understanding this is meant a lot to me..


Great newsletter! While I haven’t met all of the staff I can fully agree with the description of Alan, you are the best! Along with Margaret who is wonderful.


But of course, nothing could be done without your unlimited advices and helps, so I sincerely appreciate your professional works and friendship.

Thank you very much Alan,.


Thank you again, I will most definitely use you again should I need any legal advice and I will certainly highly recommend you to anyone of my friends, Family and Colleagues. I can tell you already My Sister, Mother and a Cousin have already been impressed by you, as I have been keeping them informed of all that has been going on before I found you and of course after. I would like to pop by one evening with a small gift if I could. I have it already so if you could just let me know when you will be staying late and I will drop by. Don’t stay late especially for me, just one evening when you are working back is fine. For now though your invoice had been paid see receipt below. Thank you a thousand times my friend!


Hi Alan,

Thank you so much for all you have done. You are amazing! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.


Thank you Alan and Belinda for this great news and for all your help with getting this good result.

Andy - Professional Development Facilitator

Hi Alan 

Just a quick line to say I really enjoyed the facilitation this morning.

Your team are engaging, respectful , show transparency /honesty and looking to grow within BL and themselves.

It appears a great environment you and Amanda have created - well done to you both and really refreshing


Hi Alan

Thanks for your great service. It is a breath of fresh air to be honest


You have been fantastic to me... I will always recommend you!


Hi Alan,

Thank you so much, you are a gem!


Dear Alan and Victoria,

Thanks for your patience and your dedication.


Dear Alan,

I don't know how to thank you for your hard work, Really appreciated.


Alan is a great guy, has lots of experience and has a common sense approach to these matters.


I think you work too much - you always respond night or day!



 I am very confident and happy I have you on the case.


Dear Angela,

Thank you very much for your prompt attention in this matter I am very happy, I will be happy to recommend your services If I find anyone who will need them.


Dear Alan

That's great and again I really can't thank you enough.



Thank you for the work you have done for us this year, for your patience with us and your kind thoughts and we hope you have a wonderful and relaxing festive season and a happy 2015.


Dear Alan

I got your name and contact details from a very good friend of mine. She highly recommended you , I know about what she has been through with her Family and she tells me you did an amazing job for her. She sends her love and told me to let you know they may be needing your services again soon as they are looking for another unit.


Alan, I just wanted to express my great appreciation for seeing Julie tonight. She popped into see me after your meeting and she seemed like a different person. Obviously you weaved your magic with her, as you do. So many thanks.



Many thanks to yourself and Victoria for helping me get such a positive result!

Family Law Barrister


I think your firm has done an incredible job on his matter and he would not have received the same level of work at another firm.


Alan seriously you are amazing.



I can't thank you enough for all of your help and support throughout this.

Thanks again.


Dear Alan,

I would like to thank you for preparing the financial agreement between my partner and myself.

Your technical expertise on family law, excellent support and understanding in dealing with this delicate situation, negotiation skills, timely response on my enquiries and turnaround of the iterated drafts of the agreement and professionalism are highly appreciated.

Hannah and Matthew

Although the result did not turn out to be in our favour, we thank you for your hard work and advice over the past two years.


Hi Alan,

Thank you for your advice - it's very good :)


Hi Victoria,

Thanks very much! You did an awesome job for Hayden and myself!


Hi Alan (and Victoria)

Thank you very much for your time, effort and support throughout a difficult time, your professionalism, empathy and understanding has made the whole process easier to bear.

I doubt there are many that are as considerate or as easy to work with as yourself, nor make themselves available weekends even answering emails from the other side of the world within an hour of it being sent.

I have no problem recommending your services and have done so with feedback being outstanding, thanks again


Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!!!


Hi Alan, 
Yes, I am absolutely thrilled with the result, thank you very much for all of your assistance!
My girls and I would not be where we are now (literally) without your fabulous work.

Thank you again for your wonderful work.


Just quickly wanted to thank you both for your help and support yesterday.

I guess I'm just a cranky old lady  who wants what's best for my daughter.....and I know you are achieving that.


Thanks Alan

Appreciate all your support over what has been a sometimes trying period.


Thanks Alan.

The work you have done for me up to this point has been priceless!


Alan and Victoria,

Thanks again, great dealing with you both and achieving a good outcome for myself to get on with my new life.  :)


Thanks again. Gene told me you were a good man. He was right.


Thank you for all your hard work you do for us, and more importantly, thank you for not treating us like just a "case " but an actual family. Your care and concern is very heart warming. 


Everything looks wonderful, as always. Thanks Alan, I don't know what we would do without you!!


Hi Alan and Victoria

I hope the rest of your morning at court went well yesterday. I just wanted to say a big thank you to both of you for guiding the consent orders through the process. I know there's still a bit further to go in getting everything finalised, but having them made is a big weight off my mind!


Hi Alan,

Yes, I am absolutely thrilled with the result, thank you very much for all of your assistance!
My girls and I would not be where we are now (literally) without your fabulous work. 
I agree with your recommendation in relation to the financial debt.

Thank you again for your wonderful work.


Hi Alan and Victoria

I hope the rest of your morning at court went well yesterday. I just wanted to say a big thank you to both of you for guiding the consent orders through the process. I know there's still a bit further to go in getting everything finalised, but having them made is a big weight off my mind!

Dr Mary

Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for your time, effort and most of all your kindness.

It was a pleasure to work with you and your team throughout the most difficult time of my life.

I am so happy that our case has been so close to conclusion.

I wish you and your team the best and appreciate your skilful handling of the matter.


Hi Alan and Angela,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting me to where I am. I couldn't have asked for a better team and I am very happy with this outcome. I look forward to a very bright future ahead for the children and myself and you have both made that happen for me, so thank you so much.

Alan, you have been so great to me, not only getting me a great result but emotionally too. Thanks for the coffees, the lifts to the city, the chats and your quick responses to my emails. I hope there are more great men out there like you!

Angela, you are a very strong woman... I wish I could be more like you! I like your advice and will take all of it on board!

You are both great people who have made a big difference on my life.., can't thank you both enough!


It’s a little remiss of me not contacting you sooner, however, we would like to thank You for the support and peace of mind You gave our daughter during her recent “episode”


Thank you so much for everything.
We are so glad it’s almost over, its been nearly 8 years of hell.
We really appreciate all your, and Victoria’s, hard work


Belinda was outstanding and a pleasure to deal with.


Alan, Many thanks again for your professionalism and assistance with these matters.


Alan, Many thanks again for your professionalism and assistance with these matters.


Alan thank you for your time & genuine care, it’s greatly appreciated.


Thanks Alan!! You do such excellent work!!


Alan, Thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf!


Amanda, Thanks for your assistance with this and Sonal certainly showed patience and did an excellent job whittling the document down to an acceptable level.


I have certainly valued you and your staff’s help over this difficult time.
I would like to particularly thanks Belinda, who I found to be very efficient and industrious towards my case. She was also very personable, which made the whole process much easier for me.
I am now starting to get back on my feet, and the kids are all very happy.
Thank you once again!


Alan and Amanda
Thank you for your time today and your good and sensible advice – I did respect it and appreciate that your interests are in my best position and I did appreciate the very considered and in depth perspective – thank you for understanding my team !
We are looking for a long standing relationship and todays frank and considered advice was well received by me – talk soon


I would like to thank you for your all your advice & support during this process, I really appreciated it.


Many thanks for your good advice and services. Once again, it’s been a pleasure dealing with you.


Our friend indicated to us how impressed he was with your professionalism and assistance, and also how pleased he was to have met you.


Hi Alan,
Thank you so much for supporting me during this time. Jason and I were able to sit down together last night and discuss how we both make sure the kids are looked after and that they will be our primary goal. With a resolution came calm and I feel we will be able to move forward and be positive for the kids. So I can’t thank you enough for finalising this so we can both move on with our lives.
Thanks again


Alan and his team were really very helpful in my family law matter involving property and children.
I found Alan and all his staff, always ready and available to provide solid practical advice based on their solid experience.
Alan was a reliable consummate professional through the process, remaining extremely obliging, helpful and approachable over the 6 month period it took to settle the matter
Alan was also fair and reasonable on costs.
I would highly recommend Alan’s services and want to extend my thanks to Alan and his team for their support through this difficult period.


Much appreciated.
You have done a fantastic job during the whole process. Will be good to get it finalised.


Amanda, Thank you so much for your work. You have made something quite complicated to organise from the other side of the world quite easy.


Amanda, Thank you for your excellent service.


I read that our property sale ‘experience’ has made your newsletter – I very much hope others learn by this story and are not troubled as we were!! Thank you both again for your considerable support through our little nightmare


You magnitude towards both of us has been the most extraordinary gift.
The support, patience, understanding and loyalty – especially in times that were extremely stressful – are defining of you as a lawyer and person.


Amanda and team, thank you very much with our buying and selling of houses. You were wonderfully helpful and professional.

FC Investments

Thank you for the job done, we are very pleased with the speed and professionalism of your firm, it is such great peace of mind for unexperienced entrepreneurs to have good legal advice.


Thanks Alan!
Belinda was amazing to write the second affidavit over the weekend!


Many thank Amanda for your efforts and care in helping with our house sale.
A great result and all is much appreciated.
Please also thank Alan for his role and professionalism in helping me through this difficult time.


Thanks mate. My children will be happy to have there dad back.
I really appreciate it.


Thank you Amanda for your supervision of this transaction, we really appreciate the efficient way in which this transaction has been handled.


Thanks Amanda
Your help, professional response and assistance has been most appreciated. I personally thank you for all your hard work and understanding in the matters for the Estate. I’m sure some things will keep us in touch. No doubt, but again thank you.


Hi Amanda.
Just a special thank you (and to Tracey) for all of your work and efforts toward our sale yesterday.
I know that you were called on ‘above and beyond’ on Saturday as well.
We achieved a new benchmark price for our Suburb
Happy and sad all at once. Appreciative to all of you that helped me to get there.
Thank you once again


Every one is so happy. Without you this would not have happend.Thank you for taking on board what I had to say this morning and speaking to the Judge. We were on the money. You are an amazing person. Thank you so much from my heart.


Thank you. What a fantastic result. It’s simply phenomenal and a huge relief.
You have done a phenomenal job.


Further to Alan’s contribution: After my second solicitor resigned I found Alan by random chance, and I feel blessed that I did. His professionalism and dedication could not have been better: Such as: Email replies within minutes if he was not in court, including on Saturday nights; his full understanding of the NSW Family Court, and especially his friendly and considerate manner.
If your office needs a strong and capable contact in Sydney he is your man.
Thank you all for your time and effort in this matter.


Amanda, your professional and friendly advice has been much appreciated. Thanks.


Thank you Amanda, all good. You and your firm did a wonderful job and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others.


Your help and support has been wonderful so far and greatly appreciated in what is becoming a difficult time for me


Thank you for handling my daughter’s divorce proceedings so efficiently. Your professional services are really appreciated.


Alan thank you so much for your support on Monday. I am very happy with the result and very relieved that part is over!


Amanda Blackman was the solicitor who provided excellent service. She was efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. I would gladly recommend her.


Thank you again Amanda for the assistance (and patience) you afforded my parents in the preparation of their wills and power of attorneys over this last week.
They cannot speak highly enough of how you and Alan dealt with them displaying the utmost professionalism, attention to detail and care.
Please accept our sincere thanks.


Dear Alan
Thank you so much for your support and very professional assistance, and to get such a result was excellent
Many thanks once again, it is so reassuring to have a Lawyer I can depend on and one also in such close proximity


I am very happy with all your help and understanding and very grateful.


Thank you for looking after me so nicely and professionally.


Just wanted to say I think this is a brilliant idea and that from what I have heard about you, you are making a real difference to some people’s lives – one friend of mine in particular. So nice to see the human side being applied to the law.


I don’t know how to express my thanks to you, seeing me and listening to me this morning. You wouldn’t imagine how I feel as if being blessed to meet you and getting help from you.
Thank you and thank you again.


Alan, Well what can I say you have been amazing. I would never have got this far without you. You have been kind and understanding this whole year. You have gone beyond your call of duty when you turned up at my house out of concern. Words are not enough to express my thanks in this matter. As you know I have already recommended you to a friend and I will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future. Though I am sad today I know it’s the beginning of a new beginning.


Thank you for your great work on the contract and sale.

Mike and Debbie

Hi Amanda
Thanks for all your efforts and prompt attention with our house sale and purchase. Much appreciated by us both.
With best regards to you and Alan


Hi Alan
Just wanted to say I think this is a brilliant idea and that from what I have heard about you, you are making a real difference to some people’s lives – one friend of mine in particular. So nice to see the human side being applied to the law. Alan, Well what can I say you have been amazing. I would never have got this far without you. You have been kind and understanding this whole year. You have gone beyond your call of duty when you turned up at my house out of concern. Words are not enough to express my thanks in this matter. As you know I have already recommended you to a friend and I will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future. Though I am sad today I know it’s the beginning of a new beginning.


Good morning Amanda, Thank you for all your assistance in this matter. It has been very much appreciated. All the best with your practice.